Approach to manage outgoing traffic on Openshift v4 OVNKubernetes network plugin

Introduction Managing network traffic in an Kubernetes based platform can quickly become a challenge in terms on manageability. This Blog post documents an approach based on a discussion with Thomas Hikade how to implement a customer requirement keeping the environment manageable.

Custom ArgoCD health checks

Patrick’s neat write-up of ArgoCD health checks does a pretty good explanation of how they work and where to find the default ones coming with ArgoCD out-of-the-box … and is quite worth a read!

urlencoding for the impatient

Sometimes you’ll need to use curl to query a Rest API, but you realize you need to do a GET request for quite a complicated query-string (I am looking at you, Jira) that includes spaces and lots of special characters … which naturally will fail without proper url-encoding :-(